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Asphalt Release Agents

Black Magic® Asphalt Release Agent
Black Magic®, an industry standard for 15+ years, is a specially formulated blend of biodegradable and environmentally safe chemicals.  Black Magic® is extremely effective on all types of asphalt, including tough Rubberized, SMA, OGFC and Nova Chip mix designs.  Black Magic® performs well on steel, aluminum and rubber surfaces. The product was designed to aggressively adhere to vertical surfaces such as truck boxes, tailgates, drag slats, pavers and even hand tools. Black Magic® forms a tenacious film coat on the surface preventing the hot mix from sticking, thus reducing scrape time to keep your truck fleet moving.  Our product is harmless to your crews and the environment, and there is no flash point!

Black Magic Brochure

Black Magic MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

GreenPave Release Agent
GreenPave Release Agent is formulated to effectively prevent AC and HMA/WMA build up while delivering economics comparable to diesel. Since diesel was outlawed, paving operations were forced into a difficult choice - either spend more money for a “green” product that may or may not work, or risk fines and spills with diesel. GreenPave Release Agent is easy to spray and mixes with water for economy. GreenPave Release Agent is biodegradable and environmentally compliant. With a high flash and low fumes, nothing on the market today is more friendly towards your crew and budget.

GreenPave Release Agent Brochure

GreenGuard Release Agent
GreenGuard Release Agent combines excellent economy with truck bed performance.  GreenGuard Release Agent features dilution ratios as high as 20:1 for commercial grade asphalt and a low freezing point.  GreenGuard Release Agent is easy to use and mix with water, while being DOT approved or meeting all DOT specs for truck bed release agent.

GreenGuard Release Agent Brochure

Wetter Water
“Wetter Water” is an excellent wetting agent and is useful in a variety of applications demanding rapid wetting action.  Due to its solubility, “Wetter Water” can be added after the water or in some applications, injected into the water. Add “Wetter Water” at a rate of 1 pint to every 525 gallons of water to prevent pick up on rollers.  Remove coco mats and scrapers from pneumatic rollers.  Success has been achieved at either continuous light mist or intermittent applications when mat temperatures are between 200-280°F.   Application will prevent asphalt sticking on pneumatic rollers for non-modified hot mix.  Black Magic® or GreenPave may be necessary to use by itself or in conjunction with “Wetter Water” when laying polymer modified mix designs.  Add “Wetter Water” to steel wheel rollers to prevent sticking with modified mix designs.